Here's some stuff that doesn't quite fit into the purview of actual work, but I like it and wanted to make a space to show it off.


In Sumer 2022, I took a portfolio class with Adhouse Advertising School. Here's what I cooked up for a brief on Monopoly.


Known describes its integrated marketing approach as a "special sauce" mixing creative and science. Well, here's a literal special sauce they bottled for special events. And these are the ads we created for it as part of a presentation at the Fast Company Innovation Festival.

Art direction by Noah Connor

Big Dogs Tribute Tee

Known sponsored an internal t-shirt design contest, and for this submission we wanted to pay homage to the immortal '90s fashion style of the Big Dogs tee (we didn't win).

Art direction and illustration by Walker Crane.

Food Forward: The Plate

Food Forward is a series showing how small business persevered when COVID-19 disrupted the supply chain in 2020. I edited this episode, The Plate, which follows three restaurateurs in Brooklyn as they adapt to these massive changes.

Produced by Midweek Productions.

Unnamed Wrestling League

As a teen, my buddies and I had a backyard wrestling league. As an adult, I had money to afford a computer and editing software. So adult me took a bunch of old footage to make a would-be opening credits sequence for our dumb wrestling stuff.


Here's a student film noir I made in 2006, while I attended grad school at University of Buffalo. Fun fact: the title and closing line of the film was inspired by an episode of King of the Hill.

Technically, this is an award-winning film (Grand Prixe and Best Director, 2007 Indie Filmmakers Film Festival)